8-Port Gigabit Desktop Switch DGS-1008A


Dlink DGS1008A 8-Port Gigabit Desktop Switch DGS-1008A


8-Port Gigabit Desktop Switch DGS-1008A

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The D-Link DGS-1008A is an 8-port Gigabit Switch that delivers power, performance, and reliability in one cost-effective, space-saving design. Increase the speed of your network server and backbone connections, or make Gigabit to the desktop a reality.
Power users in the home, office, workgroup, or creative production environment can now move large, bandwidth-intensive files faster.
It also features diagnostic LEDs which display status and activity, allowing you to quickly detect and correct problems on the network.

The 8-Port Gigabit Easy Desktop Switch helps you conserve energy automatically through several methods. It automatically powers down ports that have no link, allowing the switch to save a substantial amount of power by cutting power usage for unused ports or ports connected to computers that have been shut down.

The 8-Port Gigabit Easy Desktop Switch was designed with the environment in mind, and is compliant with Energy Star Level V, as well as with the stringent CEC and MEPS regulations that require the use of energy efficient power adapters. The switch is also built to follow RoHS standards to minimize use of hazardous materials, and uses recyclable packaging that helps reduce waste, complying with the WEEE directive.

Product Specifications:

  • 1000Base-T Interface:             8
  • Auto MDI/MDIX :                                   Yes
  • Switching Capacity: 16 Gbps
  • Packet Forwarding Rate: 11.9 Mpps
  • Store & Forwarding:                         Yes
  • Dimension: 130 x 79 x 22mm
  • Weight: 13 kgs
  • Operation Temperature: 0 ~ 40  °C
  • Storage Temperature: – 10 ~ 70 °C
  • Operation Humidity: 0% ~ 95% RH
  • Storage Humidity: 0% ~ 95% RH
  • Operating Altitude: 2000m
  • Maximum Power Consumption: 80 W
  • Standby Power Consumption: 7 W
  • Maximum Heat Dissipation: 368 BTU/h
  • MTBF: 1,061,267 hours
  • Power Input: AC:100 ~ 240 V
  • Flash Memory Size: 64KBytes
  • Packet Buffer Size: 192KBytes
  • FAN: Fanless
  • Comply with RoHS 6: Yes
  • Energy Efficiency Ethernet (EEE): Yes
  • Power Saving By Link Status: Yes
  • Power Saving By Cable Length: Yes
  • MAC Address Table Size :                       4K
  • 3x Flow Control: Yes
  • Head-of-line (HOL) Blocking Prevention: Yes
  • Jumbo Frame: 9,720 Bytes
  • Surge/Lightning Protection (AC Power Inet): 1kV
  • Surge/Lightning Protection (All Ethernet Ports): 1kV
  • Air Discharge: 8kV
  • Switch intelligence: Unmanaged
  • Port count: 1000Base-T Interface x 8
  • Contact Discharge: 4kV



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