Burglar Alarm Cable 6 Core -100M



Burglar Alarm Cable 6 Core -100M

Shop for Burglar Alarm Cable 6 Core -100M in Nairobi, Kenya from Starmount Solutions

This cable is the standard cable for most burglar alarm installations. Alam cable divided in to 3 pairs, 12v power, zone and tamper.  6-Core cable  is sufficient for most detectors found in a standard burglar alarm system.

Alarm Cable 6-Core cable specifications

  • Manufactured to meet the standards required by BS4737: Section 3.30
  • 6 cores contained within a white PVC outer sheath
  • Tinned and annealed copper wire for flexibility
  • Conductor formed with 7 strands of 0.2mm tinned copper.  Insulated with high grade PVC to meet BS6746.
  • The cores are colour coded to aid identification
    6 cores: red,  yellow, blue, black, white and green.
  • Voltage rating of cable is 60v a.c.
  • Overall diameter of the cable is 4.2mm
  • Sold on 100m rolls


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