Cabinet 9U 600*600 Wall Mount


Cabinet 9U 600*600 Wall Mount


Cabinet 9U 600*600  Wall Mount

Shop for Cabinet 9U 600*600 Wall Mount in Nairobi, Kenya at Starmount Solutions Limited Cabinet dealers.

Product Description

9U Wall Mount Data Cabinet 600x 600  is designed for small/medium business, research, academic, and studio environments, where a dedicated server room is not practical and excessive noise is unacceptable.

600x 600 9U Wall Mount Data Cabinet aluminium and steel framed cabinet features lockable front, side, and rear access doors/panels for security.

9U Wall Mount Data Cabinet vented doors combine with the optional cooling fans (up to six 120mm fans on the top panel) to provide excellent air circulation, keeping your servers and other equipment at optimum operating temperature.

Features and benefits:

– Meet the requirement of ANSI/EIARS-310- D, criterions to manufacture

– Material: Seamless steel board. Good ventilation and heat dispersing

– User can add the cable fixtures accordingly

– Powder coated to protect against rust, oxidization, scratches, lacquer peeling, strong acid and alkali erosion

– Flexible vertical rail ‘s thickness must higher than 2 mm

– Framework using high strength steel with a 60kg weight capacity

– The wall box range offers the customers an economical and cost-effective solution for smaller installations where space is limited

– Network hardware can be installed in confined spaces and out of sight / off the floor locations

– It has been widely applied in the field of computer data network, page, wiring, Pa broadcasting, soundtrack system, subway train


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