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Shop for D-LINK DPH-150SE/F5 SIP PHONE in Nairobi, Kenya  from Starmount D-LINK dealers

DPH-150SE IP Phones are mainly designed for general office users (from VSE, SOHO to SMB) in VoIP communication. With sophisticated and elegant design, this platform has high performance and can offer versatile features and specifications to meet different environment requirements. It can be installed on LAN /DSL/Cable network environment and registered to SIP registrar Server(s), soft switch(es), IP-PBX(s), or IMS-based system and let SIP-enabled terminals to communicate with. Beyond this, users PC can be connected to this phone instead of LAN directly. The phone comes with a plastic Housing and some accessories, including handset, handset cord, keypad, keys and wall-mounting kit. A TFT color LCD display on the panel provides direct visual interface with user. User can use keypad/LCD or Web browser to configure this phone.

Connect the DPH-150SE Broadband Internet IP Phone to your DSL/cable modem or router, and you can make phone calls anywhere in the world using the Internet. This IP phone gives you the advantages of VoIP, while retaining the same look and feel of a traditional advanced desktop telephone. It also provides two Ethernet ports with NAT and DHCP server support, so you can log your PC onto the Internet and surf the web while talking over your Internet phone.

Keypad Features:

  • 4 Soft keys for doing more functions
  • 8 DSS keys
  • 4 Navigator Keys & 1 ok key for navigating in configuration
  • Hold
  • Call forward
  • Three-party conference
  • MWI
  • Headset
  • Redial
  • Speaker
  • 12 numeric keys with star & pound key
  • Mute
  • Vol – / Vol +

Phone Features:

  • Multi-user (4 SIP accounts)
  • Caller ID display
  • Call History: 300 Calls
  • Phone book (up to 500 contact names & phone numbers)
  • Day/Time display
  • Call/Time display
  • 9 Selective Ring tones
  • 9 Speed dial number
  • Incoming call indicator
  • Flexible dial map
  • Password control for Configuration
  • Pre-dial before sending
  • Connect with expansion module
  • Memo
  • MWI
  • SMS
  • Keypad lock
  • Emergency call
  • Customize DSS key/ soft key

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