Fanvil H5 Hotel IP Phone


Max support 600 records(web)
Dial without registration 
LED light
Programmable DSS keys 
Custom LCD display text and logo(Only support for H5)
Action URL / Active URI
Web dial


Buy Fanvil H5 Hotel IP Phone in Kenya

Fanvil H5 Hotel IP Phone

 Concise and fashionable product appearance
 Economical and Environmental friendly product concepts
 Easy installation and configuration
 Support for fast ethernet – adaptive 10/100mbps network
port, support POE power supply.  High Interoperability – Compatible with major platforms: 3CX, Broadsoft, Elastix, Asterisk, Xorcom, etc.

 2 SIP Line
 POE Enable
 Color screen (H5)
 Handset / Hands-free mode
 Intelligent DSS Keys (speed dial key)
 Desktop
 Optional External Power Supply
Call Features
 Call out / Answer
 Mute / Unmute (microphone)
 Call Hold / Resume
 Call Waiting
 Call Transfer (Attended/Unattended)
 Speed dial
 Intercom
 Redial
 Voice Message (on server)
 Hot Line
 Hot desking


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