Fanvil Linkvil W712 RoIP Gateway


Fanvil Linkvil W712 RoIP Gateway

– Integrate 400~470 MHz radio modules to connect the analog/DMR II digital radios
– Compatible with SIP protocol to connect SIP communication devices
– High compatibility with Motorola, Hytera and other mainstream analog/digital radios
– Support HD audio with G.722 and Opus
– Support USB 2.0 interface and TF card interface for data storage or offline upgrade
– Support call recording and call logs of two-way radios and SIP phones
– Dual Megabit Ethernet for network transmission
– Supports the power supply via DC 12V PSU and PoE (at)
– Supports the Web management for devices
– Support desktop and wall-mounted installation


Fanvil Linkvil W712 RoIP Gateway

Fanvil Linkvil W712 RoIP gateway is compatible with mainstream analog/DMR II two-way radios and easy to deploy and manage. It is suitable for internal communication in different scenarios, such as communities, industrial parks, hotels, campuses, etc.

Linkvil W712 RoIP Gateway

Applicable for Different Communication Systems, Easily Achieving Interconnection and Interoperability

Based on SIP standard protocol and compatible with mainstream IP PBX systems, LINKVIL W712 RoIP gateway possesses a built-in radio module of Ultra High Frequency (UHF) 400-470MHz. The gateway enables interconnection between analog/DMR II digital radios and SIP communication devices.

For management centers, achieving unified scheduling, management and monitoring of communication equipment based on different standards and protocols can be difficult. W712 can achieve signal transformation among analog/DMR II radios and SIP communication devices within 1-3 km according to different environment, bringing convenience for the integration of devices and solutions.


Classic Industrial Design, Showing Powerful Performance

With its industrial design and the portable size, the LINVIL W712 RoIP gateway can be easily installed on a desktop or wall, taking up little space. With built-in wireless radio and SIP modules, the gateway supports the management of device configurations on webpage, and no need to configure radios additionally.


Large Capacity Storage, Supporting Call Recording

W712 RoIP gateway is equipped with a USB interface and a TF card interface that supports a maximum capacity of 128G, providing users with more storage space. Users can use TF cards and USB flash drives to record the communication during the calls.


Excellent Applicability for Management Centers, Saving More Cost

W712 RoIP gateway is suitable for the application of management centers in various scenarios and can be easily installed, saving more cost for intercommunication between different devices and improving efficiency.

Single Call through W712

W712 RoIP gateway supports the calls between one-way analog/DMR II radios and one-way SIP call, achieving real-time communications between monitoring centers and workers.


Group Call through W712

W712 RoIP gateway supports multicast between one-way analog/DMR II digital radios and SIP phones. Residential management centers and monitoring centers can manage calls between their employee groups.


Remote Scheduling, Unified Management

Fanvil SIP phones equip multiple DSS keys which can be configured as different SIP numbers, which can help achieve single call or multicast between different remote regions through W712 RoIP gateway.


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