MikroTik RouterBoard hEX lite RB750r2


 hEX lite RB750r2 MikroTik RouterBoard


MikroTik hEX lite RB750r2

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RouterBoard 750 r2 hEX Lite

Are you running your own business at home? Then you are one of the many who decided to take that very bold step. A huge part of the growth of your business is stability, especially when it comes to Internet connection. You want to make sure you can check your website, orders, and e-mails, among others, regardless where you are at home. A perfect solution for that is RouterBoard 750 hEX Lite.

Five Ports

This compact router has five fast LAN ports that allow you to create reliable networks whenever necessary. The ports are also ready as you add more desktop PCs or other media devices into your setup. In other words, RouterBoard 750 hEX Lite is scalable and thus grows as your business does.

Plastic Casing

All the essential parts of the router are enclosed in a white plastic case, making your SOHO unit looking very sleek. If your home office is open to visitors or clients, you would not mind having the device in a more prominent view. The case also adds ample protection to the important components of the RouterBoard 750 hEX Lite, especially the core processor. Aside from the case, the entire package also includes a power supply.


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