Panasonic Kx-nt556x-B IP Phone


Panasonic Kx-nt556x-B IP Phone


Panasonic Kx-nt556x-B IP Phone

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The Panasonic KX-NT556 is a executive IP handset handset with a 6 line LCD display and 36 Programmable keys.

Enjoy profession HD audio in every call through handset, speaker and headset modes thanks to Enhanced Echo Cancellation and Expanded Acoustic Chamber.

Up to 36 numbers can be assigned. As these numbers are displayed on a screen there is no need for a paper insert.

Product Specifications:


  • LCD Display:                         Graphic
  • LCD Size (dots WxH):             242×109
  • LCD Contrast:                         4 levels
  • LCD Backlight:             Yes


  • Desk Mount Tilt :                                   Yes – 2 positions
  • Wall Mount:                         KX-A433 (Optional)
  • Power Adaptor:             KX-A239 (Optional)


  • High:                         267 x 170 x 180mm
  • Low:                         267 x 187 x 155mm



  • Handset/Headset Volume:                         6 levels
  • Ringtones:                         30
  • Ringer Volume:             4 levels + off
  • Headset Port:             5mm audio jack
  • Electronic Hook Switch Control Port: 5mm Plantronics compatible
  • Audio Codec:             G711, G722, G726, G729a
  • HD Voice:             Yes
  • Speaker Phone: Speaker Phone (Full Duplex)


  • Programmable Keys:             36 (12×3)


  • Desiless (Soft Labelling Keys): Yes
  • Auto Redial:             Yes
  • Off Hook Monitor:             Yes
  • Handset/Headset Mic Mute:             Yes
  • Outgoing – Incoming Call Log: Yes
  • Melody Ringer: Yes (10 title)
  • EcoMode:             Yes


  • Ethernet Port:             2- Gigabit Ethernet port
  • Power Over Ethernet (PoE):             Yes
  • Bluetooth:                         No
  • Firmware Upload:             Yes
  • Peer to Peer Connection:             Yes
  • VLAN: Yes
  • QoS (Diffserv): Yes
  • DHCP Client:             Yes
  • VOIP Security:             Yes
  • Ping Transmission:             Yes
  • IP Port Flexibility:             Yes
  • Rerouting to secondary PBX:             Yes
  • NAT Traversal: No
  • Media Relay Gateway: Yes


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